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Individual Consultation

[RESERVATION RULE CHANGES FROM APRIL 1, 2021] (Updated March 18, 2021)
-Available days mainly focused on Mondays and Wednesdays (if you want to have a session other days, please ask us).
-Time slots change
-Students send a ZOOM invitation URL to the designated email address (we will inform the details when confirming the reservation).

Counseling System

  • 40-minute individual online career consultation is available in either Japanese or English.
  • Reservation is required.
  • We offer a counseling service for job-hunting, internship programs, and visa status change, and any career related matters.

You do not need to get stressed or get fully prepared for consultation; come to us and share your concerns. Just talking to us may solve or reduce your concern or problem.

In English consultations, you can consult about the following:

-English CV/Resume check (mainly for multi-national companies (Gaishi-kei))
-Mock interviews in English


Consultation in English (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Appointment by email (career#list.waseda.jp).  ※Please replace # with @
*Please kindly provide us with at least 3 possible dates and time slots below.

Example of email request:

Title: English consultation reservation

Dear career center,

My name is XXXXX, from School of International Liberal Studies.
I would like to book an individual consultation.

Student ID: 1MZZZZZ
Possible dates: July 4th AM3, July 5th AM4, July 8th PM2
Consultation: I would like to know about job-hunting process in Japan.

Best regards,

 Time slots

Time slot 11:10-11:50 13:00-13:40 13:50-14:30 14:45-15:25 15:35-16:15


Consultation in Japanese

Appointment by “Career Compass” (internal service of MyWaseda). For detail procedure, open up the following page (press + button).

1. Login to MyWaseda(make sure to select language to Japanese) →学生生活→「キャリアコンパス」

2. You need to fill out  「進路希望登録」 for the first time.

3. After registration of 2, you will find the screen below. Please select “学校からのおしらせ” and choose “キャリア相談予約.” Then you can register for your preferred time slot.

4. Reservation procedure manual is placed on the following page:

Login to Mywaseda→「学生生活」→「キャリア関連資料」→「相談予約システム」

Job Hunting Quick Concierge (10-mins short session)

Online 10 mins session

Are you bothered with such problems ?
・I don’t know where to get internship information.
・How can I find an ES(entry sheet) from companies’ website?
・How can I fill out the ES?
・Are there any places for mock interview or just career consultation?

We offer a 10minutes quick consultation to solve those problems ONLINE.


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