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◆For New International Student◆Important Notice for Spring Semester for AY2020 Intake

This article will regularly update the latest information pertaining to the change in classes and events due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Gradual Opening of the Campuses after June 1st (Update on June 8th)

In regard to the Gradual Opening of our Campuses after June 1st, please refer to the following URL for ‘Opening Waseda University Campuses: Plans and Logic.

Effective May 7th The campus closure period has been extended to May 31st due to the acceleration of the coronavirus infection.

Campus Closure Period: From Wednesday, April 8th till Wednesday, May 31st, 2020

Please read through the following article:*
It is subject to change the period according to given circumstances.

*From April 8th to May 31st, entering all campuses in Waseda University is strictly prohibited for students and external visitors.

* During the period, as administrative staff and faculty members in campus work remotely, telephone call cannot be responsive while accepting your queries by email, taking more time to reply than usual.

* Even in the period, you can mail application forms for leave of absence, withdrawal, or study-abroad and request for proof or certificate to the offices. After prohibition period is removed, it will be checked and issued accordingly. Please keep in mind what it takes more time to process.

* All the documents or notice from Tokorozawa Administrative Office via postal service will be shipped after the prohibition period.

The procedure for entering campuses during the period of gradual reopening after June 1st】

As we informed you through Mywaseda on May 28th, we will gradually loosen the restriction on campus closure and students will be able to enter campuses on June 1st. Students will be able to enter campuses from 10am to 4pm. Please take your temperature at home and present your student ID to a security guard when entering the campus. Automatic certificate issuing machines will be in operation (except the one in the Higashifushimi Campus) on June 1st.For details please refer to the Notice on Mywaseda, ‘Opening Waseda University Campuses: Plans and Logic’

Students who haven’t received student ID cards

■When entering the Tokorozawa and Higashifushimi campuses, please bring and present your examination admission ticket at the security office
■As it is necessary for students to use their student ID card to operate automatic certificate issuing machines, please request issuing transcripts and certificates via postal mail.

For requesting certificates via postal mail, please refer to the following URL


Extension of Period of Stay: Temporary Suspension of Procedures (Updated on August 7)

Email handling of applications for extensions of period of stay will temporary be suspended at the Tokorozawa Administrative Office during the summer holidays over the period indicated below:

Saturday, August 8th – Sunday August 16th

Tokorozawa Administrative Office will also be temporarily closed during the summer holidays.

Applicants are free to send in application documents during this period, but please note that we will not be able to process them until after August 16th. It may also take a few days for us to respond to all applications, so we appreciate your patience.

 Please note that the Immigration Bureau will be open on weekdays during the above period.

Distribution of Student IDs (Updated on June 8th)

In regard to the receipt of your student ID by postal mail, please note that the delivery period may change depending on the situation of the spread of COVID19 and the policies of both the Japanese government and Waseda University. For details please refer to the following URL:

Distribution of Student Discount Certificates (Updated on June 8th)

We will accept applications for Student Discount Certificates via postal mail.
For how to apply, please refer to the following URL:

Submission of ‘Application for Healthcare Benefit’
administrated by the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (Updated on July 14th)

Applications for Healthcare Benefit will be accepted only via postal mail. Please submit your application to the Student Affairs Section by the deadline. For details, please refer to their website below:

* For the latest information, please refer to the top page of the Student Affairs Section’s website. 
* Please note that your application cannot be accepted at the Tokorozawa and Higashi-fushimi Administrative Offices in a form of submission. 

Couse registration offered by other faculties and Spring semester (Updated on May 13th)

The course registration period for the courses offered by other faculties has been changed as follows:

Couse registration period: April 27th, 10am to April 28th, 5pm
Announcement date of registration results: May 9th

In principal, all courses at the Faculty of Sport Sciences you register will be conducted online which include practical courses. The course material and its operation are being prepared by faculty members. No detailed answer can be provided for every single online course accordingly.

Temporary close of the Administrative Offices (Updated on June 8th)

The Tokorozawa and Higashifushimi campuses will still be closed after June 1st even if we loosen restrictions on access. The reopening date of the administrative offices will be announced on this website once it has been decided. For details, please refer to the following URL:

Resumption of the operation of the automatic certificate issuing machines (Updated on June 8th)

Automatic certificate issuing machines are in operation except for the Higashifushimi campus. For details, please refer to the following URL:

Information on purchase of textbook for the courses in AY2020 Spring semester (Updated on May 1)

For textbook sales for AY2020 Spring semester, this is to inform you that purchase and delivery methods have changed from sales at Waseda University Co-op bookstore to order online. In other words, this does not require students to show up at campus only for the purpose of making a purchase of the textbooks.

Co-op has launched anew website for ordering textbook and it is available now.Please follow instructions indicated below and order the textbooks.

[How to order textbooks]
1.Please refer to the following link before entering the site and check the instructions indicated in English:
2.Please go to

[Benefit of co-op membership]
Co-op members are entitled to purchase textbooks and ordinal books ata 10 percentdiscount.Hence if you obtain the membership, when ordering, please select “Co-op member” fromthe drop-down menu so that the discounted price can be applied.

[Payment and delivery]
It can be done through cash on delivery, which indicates that it costs you JPY1,300 per order for shipping and its handling fees in addition to your purchase of the textbooks. As it is levied to your every purchase online, bulk order is highly promoted to you.

1. It is imperative for you to become Co-op member to benefit the discount.For details of the membership and privilege,please see at

[How to become a member]
If you are interested in becoming a member of Co-op, please refer to the following URL and apply for the membership.

2.There is anon-refundable policy except for defective product such as incorrect collation and missing pages.If it does happen, please email thefollowing contact address to report how to reclaim it.

3.Notwithstanding lecturer’s request, some textbooks and reference books listed on syllabi but not on the website can be requested to purchase.If you would like to order or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

4.Some textbook rental is available at the Faculty of Sport Sciences. If you are interested in it, please contact lecturer individually via Waseda Moodle.

Tokorozawa Administrative Office
Person in charge: Ms. Hirai
Inquiry:[email protected]

Last update: 12:00 August

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