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Educational Policy

Diploma PolicyPolicy on conferring diplomas and degrees

In order to foster human resources capable of making an independent contribution to their local communities, we will utilize the broad scope and unique characteristics of Waseda University to encourage exchange between diverse academic fields, cultures, languages and values, supported by systematic education courses and a university-wide teaching and student life environment.

On our Master’s Program two-year course, we do not only cultivate coaches for school education and social education, but also human resources who will be active as talented professionals in a wide range of sports-related work and business areas while they acquire advanced knowledge of sport. Furthermore, we also aim for the development of human resources who can contribute to improvements in quality of life and the formation of the preferred sports life through the creation of new sports environments.

Because our Master’s Program one-year course is for human resources who already have practical work experience, it aims to allow students to acquire advanced knowledge through concentrated education in the Graduate School to further expand the scenes of each student’s activities as a professional.

On our Doctoral Program, the main aim is to cultivate sports science researchers with high level research capabilities related to sports science and an abundance of the scholarly attainment basic to that.

Curriculum Policy Organization and implementation of the curriculum policy

On both the one-year course and two-year course of our Master’s Program, obtaining a total of 30 credits from the research guidance seminars students belong to and lecture subjects established in the Graduate School of Sports Sciences is a completion requirement. The School provides important issues in sports science into the curriculum of coursework subjects as required. On the one-year course, the School gives consideration to adult workers so that they are able to take classes without affecting their work by conducting research guidance, seminars and lectures outside of normal hours. In addition, it is also possible to include lectures from other Graduate School’s subjects (up to 8 credits) among the units taken by completing the designated procedures. Research guidance provides general guidance on research methods with the main work being the preparation of a Master’s thesis. All students submit a Master’s thesis and passing screening is a completion requirement.

On our Doctoral Program, each supervising faculty member gives scrupulous research guidance for the preparation of a Doctoral thesis to a small number of students and tries to make sure doctoral theses are completed within the term of the course. In addition, submitting a Doctoral thesis and passing screening is a completion requirement.

Admission PolicyNew student acceptance policy

As part of its educational philosophy “Independence of Learning”, Waseda University welcomes numerous students from Japan and around the world who possess a certain high level of basic academic ability, a strong intellectual curiosity, a richly enterprising spirit that is the University’s philosophy, and a passion to learn. On our Master’s Program 2-year course, we are looking for human resources who can be successful as professionals in a wide range of sports-related business fields in the 5 research areas of sports culture, sports business, sports medicine, human movement science and coaching science in order to cultivate scientific researchers and advanced professionals. In addition, on our Master’s Program one-year course for people with practical work experience, we are looking for human resources able to become professionals with high level capabilities in sports management. At this Graduate School, we accept human resources able to respond to the heightening of the societal demands expected of sports science, to be successful as professionals in a wide range of sports-related business areas, and to contribute greatly to the social development of sports science.

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