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Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Dean, Koichiro Oka

The Graduate School of Sport Sciences, Waseda University saw 15 years upon its foundation in 2006. As of the end of September 2020, there are approximately 50 faculty members in the Faculty of Sport Sciences dedicated to education and research activities at the Graduate School.

Since its establishment, its two-year master’s program and the doctoral program are composed of five key research areas: “Sports Culture”, “Sports Business”, “Sports Medicine”, “Human Movement Science”, and “Coaching Science”. These areas, covering a wide range of topics, have provided students with advanced knowledge, critical research skills, and affluent learning capabilities in sport sciences. We have also trained many researchers who are successful both domestically and internationally, to foster well-educated and competent professionals in a wide range of relevant fields. Additionally, in the Academic Year 2018, two-year English based master’s program was launched in a field of Health and Exercise Science and Sport Management, embracing international students from a number of countries. Furthermore, one-year master’s program offers six courses comprised from Top Sports Management, Sports Club Management, Healthy Sports Management, Preventive Care Management, Elite Coaching, and Sports Journalism that allowed human resources with practical experience and outstanding skills to develop an advanced level of expertise and broaden their horizons to be equipped with professional capacities through intensive education at the graduate school.

For five years from the Academic Year 2009, our program “Sport Sciences for the Promotion of Active Life” has been awarded by the Global COE Program, a five consecutive year project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

Through this program, not only domestic graduate students, but also many international students from abroad have come to study at our graduate school and the educational and research foundation of sport sciences has been accelerated to be formed. This academic principle applies to the “Waseda Ocean Initiative” proposed by Waseda University to be selected as one of the Top Global University Projects by MEXT for ten years in a row starting in 2014, and as one of the seven model units, the “Health Promotion unit”. The Faculty of Sport Sciences, mainly initiated by the Graduate School, is currently cater to create a hub of education and research to nurture academic and student exchanges with several universities around the world, as well as promoting joint research projects internationally.

According to the 2019 QS ranking by Quacquarelli Symonds, a global higher education evaluation organization in the United Kingdom, it published Waseda University was ranked 42nd in the field of “Sports-related Subjects”. Our aim is to become one of the world’s top twenty or even top ten institutions in this field, building a platform that is allowed to produce the top-notch research outcome in alignment with a structured educational foundation. With them, we ensure that fostering exchange of diverse academics, cultures, linguistics, and values will lead to creation of human resources to grow into more productive member of global society while developing sustainable framework.

(September 21, 2020)

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