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Yasuaki Muto, Dean, Graduate School of Sport Sciences


The Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences was established in 2006. Sports science covers a wide-range of areas. It includes various contents from basic matters, including a kind of impact sport has on the body, to applied areas such as coaching that cultivates elite athletes and management apprehending sport as a business. At this Graduate School of Sport Sciences, education and research is being promoted centered on researchers active globally in these kinds of various fields. Consequently, there are gathered at this School not just people who have studied sports science, but a lot of people with an interest in sport who have trained in other areas.

One of the joys of carrying out research is clarifying the unknown, but another, perhaps bigger, pleasure is having links with people throughout the world who have the same interests. In that sense, I hope that the Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences can become a place where people of the world with aspirations in the sports sciences will gather together. Fortunately, the “Sports Sciences for the Promotion of Active Life”, a program centered on this Graduate School, was selected as a Global COE program with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in fiscal year 2009. This program is part of a trial whereby the state backs up universities that have proposed strong programs with funding in order to cultivate human resources who can be active globally. Under this program, a lot of international students have also come from overseas to study at the Graduate School of Sport Sciences.

The improvement of children’s physical fitness and the enhancement of the health of middle aged people are global issues. The role played by sport will probably become bigger and bigger from now on. The important thing will be to create opportunities for people to be able to exercise enjoyably. I would like to enliven the Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences so that we can cultivate human resources with a high degree of expertise, conduct education and research in sport as an academic discipline, and return our knowledge to society. I hope that a lot of people who like sport will gather at this place of research.

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