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Why Sport Sciences?

The philosophy of the Graduate School

about_rinen01Sport has deeply penetrated the everyday lives and activities of humans and has various effects on our lives. Sports science deals with contain various issues directly connected to our daily lives. The areas includes medical science-type evaluation and verification looking at bodies that do sport, contributions to the realization of medical cost reductions and happy living through health promotion and care prevention, deep insights into sport viewed as “culture,” analysis and recommendations regarding the modalities of sports business, and the clarification of management techniques leading the strengthening and diffusion of sport as well as the development of markets.

This Graduate School was established in order to conduct research and education in a comprehensive fashion on these various kinds of issues to do with sport. Graduate students not only concentrate on the research guidance seminars they belong to, but are also able to study the most advanced research outcomes related to sports science by taking lectures and seminars in various areas established in the Graduate School. The philosophy of the establishment of this Graduate School is that these students will fly off into society and contribute to “the creation of a rich sports culture” through their great success in various areas related to sport.

Aims related to the cultivation and to education of human resources in the Graduate School

At the Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences, to respond to the heightening of the societal demands expected of sports science, we aim to cultivate human resources, to be successful as professionals in a wide range of sports-related business areas. In this Graduate School, we think of the following as the cultivation of human resources.

  1. The cultivation of scientific researchers and high level professionals utilizing the expert knowledge of sports medicine
  2. The cultivation of scientific researchers and high level professionals who are able to contribute to the development of sport and culture
  3. The cultivation of the high level professionals who will lead the sports world through the highly specialized education of people with practical experience in sports management

In order to cultivate these scientific researchers and high level professionals, we have established the 5 research areas of sports culture, sports business, sports medicine, physical exercise science and coaching science to provide education on and return the outcomes of the research they each produce.  Moreover, we have also established a Master’s Program (one-year course*) for people with practical work experience to educate people with practical experience in the sports management area.

*In one-year course, classes are conducted in Japanese.

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