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How to pay school expenses by automatic withdrawal (Tuition Fee)

How to pay school expenses by automatic withdrawal (Tuition Fee)

If you wish to pay tuition fee by automatic withdrawal, please do the following.

Method of payment : Direct Debit

Step 1 Obtain “Bank Transfer and Automatic Debit Transfer Application” from IPS Office.
Step 2 Enter the necessary information and put your seal on the forms and submit it to the financial institution.
Step 3 After you have completed the arrangements at the respective financial institutions, submit “the Copy for University” to IPS Office.
*When designating a Japan Post Bank, you don’t need to hand in any form to the university.
Step 4 Keep “For the Customer” with you, without submitting to the university.


  • By the end of February —> Applied from May 1 (Payment due date for spring semester)
  • By the end of July ———> Applied from October 1 (Payment due date for fall semester)
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