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Application for using BBQ facility in KSRP


Use the official indicated place only for BBQ in order to avoid fire accident!


If you would like to use BBQ facility, please submit an application form to IPS office as follows.

  1. Download the application form and fill out the required information in yellow cells.
  2. Submit the application form to the following address by e-mail as follows.
    – Send to : [email protected]
    – Subject : 【申請】バーベキュー利用申込
    – Body : You must write Student ID No., Name, Group name, Cellphone No on the text.
  3. If booked, IPS office will e-mail back to you.
    If un-booked, IPS office will call you.
  4. Use BBQ facility after telling the Security center in Media Center that you will use it on the booked day.


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