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Professor INUJIMA Hiroshi


  • Dr. of Engineering (Waseda University)
  • I have been tracking records in solving problems about equipment condition diagnosis techniques through 25 years in the laboratory of an electric corporation. It’s great fun to teach and plan special lectures for the needs of students.
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  • Email : inujima-hiroshi(at)
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Machine Diagnosis Techniques

Researches of machine diagnosis techniques are made in this laboratory. Also they are expanded to researches of sensors, analogue electric circuits, measuring systems, signal processing techniques, statistics, and man-machine interfaces. Machine diagnosis techniques can advance traffic engineering, surveillance of walls/substructures/tunnels conditions, surveillance of air pollution and so on.
Signal processing techniques like the wavelet-transformation and independent component analysis are applied to the machine diagnosis techniques.

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  • Equipment Condition Diagnosis Techniques
  • Data Science
  • Signal Processing Techniques
  • Analogue Electric Circuits
  • Sensing System
  • Acoustics

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