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Professor BABA Takaaki


  • Dr. of Engineering (Nagoya University)
  • 22 years overseas experience in the Silicon Valley. Appearance wise: A Foreigner? But a pure Japanese in his heart ! Hobby: Human observation & travel
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  • Email : tbaba(at)
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Mobile Systems LSI

01chMobile phone and internet technologies have found their remarkable way as a standard communication tool among young generation. However the feature of their interface to human may not be so beneficial for household wife, old generation and disabled peoples. Under such circumstance our laboratory aims to focus on R & D of protocol architectures for mobile & internet and its system LSI that are user-friendly and tender to peoples and environment. We will explore our works into applications for home security, environment monitor and disable care systems under a basis of human interface research.

  • Mobile Systems LSI
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Interface Design
  • Semiconductor Devices
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