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Welcome to Kamata Lab!

Xue, Xi    Doctoral course  year

Kamata laboratory is a big group majoring in image processing, which is a hot research topic in recent years. Especially the popularity of computer vision has reached to an unprecedented height, and we can learn cutting-edge knowledge and make attempts to create our ideas at any aspect related to images. We are free to choose some direction of the subjects, from image compression to object detection. And the research contents are also wide, from medical images to remote sensing images. A student selects some research topics according to his/her own preferences. If one has no idea about the topic, professor will also give some suggestions. New students often have sufficient time to learn basic knowledge, find what they want to study and adapt themselves to a new environment.

Professor Kamata is an excellent supervisor with rich experience in both doing research and guiding students. He is always sincere in his work and patient to students. If someone has trouble with something, our professor is willing to help no matter how busy he is.

Our lab holds the seminar online twice a week, and this is a great change to broaden knowledge and provoke thinking. At the seminar, students usually make presentation to report their research progress in recent weeks and professor always asks several questions and gives his comments. Through the seminar, students can get feedbacks and opinions from both professor and other students and improve the presentation skill as well. In addition, if students want to discuss their research with professor face to face, professor will set aside time to help students.

Kamata Lab is not only a place that you can concentrate on doing research but also like a big family. When we meet problems on the research, we are willing to help each other and overcome the difficulties together. And, in the weekday or at a festival, we will dine together like eating hotpot, having barbecue, making dumplings. Our professor also holds a sushi party every semester to welcome new students and farewell graduated students. We are sure you will enjoy your life time in our Lab. If you are interested in image processing and want to have a fulfilling campus life, our laboratory is the best choice.

Hoping you to join our laboratory!


Group Photo of Professor Kamata and graduated students


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