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Welcome to Shinohara Lab!

WANG, Xingyu,   Doctoral course 2 year

The research area of Shinohara lab is Integrated Circuit (IC) design, focus on hardware security and energy-efficient circuits and systems, such as PUF (Physical Unclonable Function), TRNG (True Random Number Generator) and the recently started Bayesian network based on stochastic computing.

Shinohara lab provides students with EDA tools such as Cadence Virtuoso and Synopsys as well as high-performance servers, where students can design and simulate transistor-level circuits and customize the layout. The designed circuit will be fabricated by a supporting company. After fabrication, students can test their own chip using the measurement equipment in the laboratory. The tape-out cycle is about twice a year.

Lab-seminars are held twice a week. Students report their research progress or paper introduction. At the end of the presentation, both professor and students ask their questions or share their opinions for discussion. The laboratory also has cooperative projects with the company, which allow students to enhance their skills and abilities.

The laboratory organized several extracurricular activities every year, such as mountain climbing to welcome new lab members, farewell party for graduate students, and Year-end party and so on.

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