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Welcome to Ogai Lab!

WANG, Yichen,   Doctoral course 2 year

The main research area of ​​Ogai Lab is autonomous driving systems.
Autonomous driving mainly includes multiple subsystems such as vehicle control system, route planning system, obstacle avoidance system, self-positioning system, communication system, etc. It also involves multiple technologies such as computer vision and sensor fusion. All the aspects mentioned are the research topics of the Ogai laboratory. In addition to autonomous driving systems, research topics in the Ogai laboratory also include delivery robots, smart house, blockchain, and engines.

Ogai Lab seminars are held twice a week. One is about the progress of the research, that students report their research. Another seminar focused on introducing papers, that Introduce interesting and insightful papers and share the latest knowledge and information. The number of students reported in each zemi meeting is generally 4 persons. Since the research topics of the members of Ogai Lab are interrelated and affect each other, everyone will participate, and after the presentation, they will ask their own questions for answers or put forward their own opinions for discussion. In addition to Zemi, Professor Ogai also turns on zoom regularly every day to provide questions, discussions of research for students who are at home or staying overseas due to the epidemic.

Ogai Lab belongs to the field of production of the Graduate School of IPS, and its research content is not limited to auto-driving systems. The Lab also has cooperative projects with many companies, which can allow students to better exercise themselves. In addition to auto-driving cars, the research room also has projects such as automatic wheelchairs, automatic delivery robots, smart houses, etc. Allowing students to put their own research into real-life applications, for my own experience, this is of great help to students’ own research, and it also gives us more motivation for following research.

In addition, before the COVID-19, the Lab also held barbecue, karaoke and other after-school activities. Even after the COVID-19, we held an online year-end party during the New Year.

If you are interested in autonomous driving or want to know how to make it real-Welcome to Ogai Lab!


Professor Ogai is introducing the auto-driving car system to the members of the laboratory


Zoom Zemi


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