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Study and Life in Iwaihara Laboratory

ZHOU, Dawen,  2nd grade of Master’s Program

Iwaihara laboratory’s current research area is ranging from knowledge bases to natural language processing, with comprehensive focus on deep learning. The research fields of Data Engineering Laboratory are stretching in various tasks from data mining to natural language processing, now being one of the hottest topics in the computation science field. Even if you are not familiar with these fields, don’ t worry, there will be a sufficient period to look for interesting topics and lay a good knowledge basis. You could select a topic appealing to you and there will be warm-hearted senior students assisting your research progress.

Typical topics of our lab are:

  • Document classification, Document summarization, Keyphrase extraction
  • Knowledge graph, Link prediction, Entity relation extraction
  • Sentiment analysis, Authorship attribution, Recommendation
  • Time series analysis, Edit history mining on Wikipedia

Of course, the research scope is constantly expanding. Raising and sharing your interests here is encouraged to achieve your academic goal under good equipment conditions.

For enhancing interaction and mutual understanding, Professor Iwaihara would like to communicate with you weekly to help you deal with troubles in your research and you daily life. Especially professor is willing to provide precise ideas and guidance based on his experience. In addition, our professor is so kind and approachable that he will organize three lab activities every year including lab trip, beach barbecue and year-end party. There is a suitable atmosphere in our lab daily.

This is the place that you can not only obtain academic progress and make achievement, but also feel the warmth and team power in your daily life. If you have an interest in data engineering, Iwaihara Laboratory will be one of your best choices.

Welcome to you!


Year-end party

Online seminar

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