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Let`s study the circuits of high frequency in Yoshimasu-lab together!

ZHANG, Yunpu  2nd grade of master course

Wireless communication plays many roles in our life. Such as signal transmission for radio, TV and smart phones. Transceiver for radio frequency (RF) consists of transmitter, receiver and antenna. Yoshimasu-lab is major in the high-performance circuit of transceivers for wireless communication.

There are four main circuits in RF transceiver: low noise amplifier, power amplifier, voltage controlled oscillator, and mixer. You can choose one you interested to study. Professor Yoshimasu and senior students are very friendly and knowledgeable to help you. Therefore, you can acquire knowledge and start the research easily whether you have the experience of RF circuit design or not. In our lab seminar, students make the presentation about ideas and research progress of their own works. Then We will discuss and Professor will give some advice and guidance. Also, there will be a rehearsal before important presentation, which will make you full of confidence to show yourself during the presentation. We design and fabricate the chips then We will start to measure the performance of chips after receiving them. It is extremely a novelty experience.

Our lab has one student for doctoral course and fifteen students for master’s course now, and the atmosphere in the lab is pretty good. We are desired to design a circuit that has high performance and we enjoy the process of it. If you are interested in the research of RF analog circuit, please join our lab. Let us travel to the wonderland of radio frequency together.

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