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Fujimura LaboratorySmart Industry Laboratory

Smart Industry Laboratory

KODAMA, Haruka   M2, Information architecture

Fujimura Laboratory deals with the essential elements (scheduling, machine learning, VR, etc.) for realizing a smart society in the information field.
With the industrial revolution and the spread of COVID-19, the environment surrounding us is changing rapidly. In the rapidly changing world, companies and societies are always searching the optimal solution through various approaches.

In our laboratory, we are able to help them do that through our research. I am sure that your feeling will be great, when your own research and development is used in the real world.

Fujimura Laboratory attracts students regardless of nationality or academic background. We respect each other’s opinions and have positive discussions every day. In addition, independence is required in this laboratory, and you need to solve problems on your own. Therefore, by the time successfully complete your two years of research, you will have become a global human resource who also can solve a lot of problems on your own.

If you are a student or an adult who would like to use information technology as an advantage in the entire world, please come and visit us at the Fujimura Laboratory.

We hope that we can meet you.


The current state of the laboratory


Group photo with social distance in mind




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