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If you are interested in intelligent control, come visit our Research Lab.

HEO, Shin-nyeong, Doctoral Program

At the Lee Research Lab, we carry out research to resolve various control issues through intelligent control using learning theory based on human knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.

Recent themes include the following:

・The issue of optimal route design using node-based / sample-based algorithms for mobbing objects and flying objects such as robots, drones and automatic driving

・The issue of detecting and preventing drivers dozing off using AI

・The issue of control system design using decouplers and CNN for ultra-small binary generators that have not yet been realized

・The issue of prediction such as of inventory control, traffic congestion, stock price, etc., using Bayesian networks that capture various causal relationships as stochastic factors


At the Lee Lab, laboratory seminars are held twice a week. During these seminars, the students in charge research their respective fields beforehand, and take turns presenting on intelligent control. Each student chooses a paper on a theme that interests them, and makes an abstract presentation that introduces problems in previous research as well as their own ideas to resolve such problems. They present issues in previous research featured in papers that are deeply related to their respective research themes, ideas to resolve such issues, and then present papers on concrete methods to implement these solutions. At the end of every month, the students make presentations on their research progress.

After belonging to this Research Lab, students will gradually and broadly deepen their knowledge related to their research themes through reference books and reading papers, and will learn how to move forward with research and how to write research papers, with help from teams that center on doctoral students.

Currently, at the Lee Research Lab, there are 3 doctoral students and 15 master’s students. This year, due to the coronavirus, Professor Lee has been providing advice as appropriate on how to understand and progress with research through seminars and individual meetings using Zoom, allowing students to move forward with research with peace of mind. Although it has been difficult to do so this year, normally there are many research lab events, such as hikes, barbeques and karaoke outings.

If you are interested in research on intelligent control, feel free to stop by our Research Lab.




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