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Lepage Laboratory

Introduction to Lepage Laboratory

TAKESHITA Kyoshiro, 2nd grade of Master’s Program

At the Lepage Laboratory, students research a sector of the information field referred to as natural language processing. This is a sector that researches the languages that we handle using computers and mathematical techniques; familiar application examples include machine translation and dialogue systems. At the Lab, we research the mutual relationship and correlation of quality between question-answering tasks of responding to questions based on given information and question-generating tasks of creating questions. Although there are some aspects that are difficult, this is a plentiful research sector that produces interesting suggestions every time we read a relevant paper.

Professor Lepage, who oversees the Research Lab, is well-versed not only in computer science but in linguistics as well, and is able to deepen insight into both natural science and humanities. I wanted to be a part of this Research Lab because I was interested in linguistics, and have learned many lessons from the professor’s knowledge. Professor Lepage is also a very bright character, and speaks actively and passionately when it comes to research guidance.

The Lepage Laboratory is characterized by a foreign professor, and this is a particularly strong, distinguishing feature even among IPS, which is full of international character. By associating with people of various backgrounds through seminars and being part of this research lab, we are all able to gain valuable experiences in our lives.

This is a place where we can be inspired by a variety of people, and where there is a mysterious sense of security stemming from the professor’s natural cheerfulness. In such a research lab environment, I am looking forward to being able to conduct research together with you.

Research facilities

Conducting research 1

Conducting research 2

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