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Welcome to the Kakitsuka Laboratory

TANG YISHUN, 2nd grade of Master’s Program

Kakitsuka Laboratory is also called Light Emitting Systems laboratory. We commit to the research on optical information communication systems for low-power-consumption and high-speed applications.

Recent years have seen the massive growth of data communication due to the applications of mobile streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and AI technology. Optical interconnection in data centers and cloud servers is attracting attention and replacing conventional electronic interconnection for high-speed and large-capacity operation. We study optical devices such as semiconductor lasers and photodiodes, and develop photonic circuit design to propose novel devices and systems. There are some concrete examples of the research field we are focusing on:

  1. III-V optical devices integrated on silicon
  2. High-speed transmitters for extended-reach optical fiber transmission
  3. Photodiodes for terahertz-wave emission

In the first year of the master’s course, we attend lectures to acquire basic knowledge and sufficient skills. From the second semester we participate in the weekly seminar where we read literatures to get in touch with the latest technologies, and exchange thoughts to inspire creative ideas. Currently our group is simulating semiconductor lasers using MATLAB and simulators. We discuss the results with the professor and then optimize our design to achieve better features. It is possible to make the design real through the collaboration with companies and research institutions. Students can also get involved in the measurement and testing on fabricated devices. We are also offered the opportunities to present at domestic or international conferences.

Kakitsuka lab is a brand-new lab established in 2019, with four master’s students. Professor Kakitsuka is a very kind person with great patience. Whenever we have troubles, either in study or in life, the professor always helps us to solve the problems. We are receiving advices and guidance from the professor and growing step by step to be called as researchers. We don’t have many members, but all of us become the closest friends who not only study together but also share plentiful memories.

If you are interested in optical fiber communication or light emitting systems, don’t hesitate to join us. Let’s create “shining” technologies together!


Student Room

Student Room

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