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E. Tanaka Laboratory

Introduction of E. Tanaka’s Laboratory

Kai ITO, 2nd grade of Master’s Program

In the Mechanical System Design Laboratory, we conduct research related to analysis and diagnosis technology for machines, as well as life support devices, based on the keywords of “safety, sustainability and support feasibility”, with the purpose of improving the QOL (quality of life) of people. A total of 15 students—1 Japanese and 14 foreigners—make up this Lab, and each has specialized knowledge, techniques and ways of thinking such as on mechanical, electronic and information systems, etc. As a result, we cooperate with each other and are able to broadly learn the entire process for system research development, including design and manufacture, programming, control, analysis, measurement experiments, signal processing, etc.

In the seminar that is held every week, presentations are made on research progress; the students receive guidance from Professor Tanaka and they also actively exchange opinions with each other. The seminar is conducted in English, and since it is also important to have presentation materials and explanations that anyone can understand, students are able to cultivate not only English proficiency but also presentation skills and communication skills through this seminar. In addition, depending on the research theme, it is possible to launch research results as products, through industry-academia collaboration. Students participate in meetings with companies and are able to get involved in the directionality of the product and decisions on specifications, meaning that they can experience research and development from a company’s perspective as well. These kinds of experiences are advantages that are unique to the Kitakyushu Campus, which emphasizes practical science.

Every year, we have welcome parties, year-end parties and parties to celebrate the end of successful presentation to build up fellowship and a friendly atmosphere. Come join us create things that will be useful in this world. We look forward to meeting you!

Group photo

Walking/upper limb motion research

Lifting/rising/gear research


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