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Introduction of Tsubokawa’s Laboratory

Xingyu Shi, 2nd grade of Master’s Program

In our laboratory, we are working on optical networks, optical fiber structures, optical sensors, optical devices, etc. Research.

I joined the laboratory because I was interested in optical networks from the beginning. I wanted to know how optical networks support everyone’s daily life, and the more I learned about them, the more I became interested in optical networks.After studying optical networks, fibers, and devices, I decided to focus my research on grating structures. There are many phenomena in cutting-edge optical technology that I cannot understand. I find this fascinating. Some of the specific research topics of my seniors in the laboratory are as follows:

・Multicore-Fiber Receptacle with Compact Fan-In Fan-Out Device for SDM Transceiver Applications.

・Study on a Refractive Index Sensor Using Slot-Waveguide Ring Resonators.

・Study on a Submicron Scale Broadband Polarization Splitter.

・Cost Analysis for the Migration/Upgrade for the Senegalese GPON Network Toward NGOA Networks.

The actual research methods are mainly computer simulations, where the the theoretical study of the subject is important.

At present, we have two doctoral students and seven master’s students enrolled in our laboratory. They are interested in the next generation of optical communication technology and are working hard to solve future technical problems. In the weekly seminar, we will present papers that we find that it is interesting or our research process.If someone has any questions about his studies or research, we are very enthusiastic to help him solve the problem. It’s a great atmosphere that we usually have a meal together and do some sports after school.

If you are also interested in optical communication and device technology, we welcome you to join our lab.

Impassioned reunion

Social distance in our lab

We are doing sports

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