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Important: Opening Kitakyushu campus and some facilities and services will remain restricted

Dear IPS students

Kitakyushu campus opens now regarding ‘Opening Waseda University’ through My waseda email yesterday. However some facilities and services will remain restricted.

Please refer the following for details of Kitakyushu campus.

1.Campus Entry: No restrictions but you can only enter by using front entrance(automatic door). However when you enter into laboratory,receive permission from the laboratory supervisor.

Please refer the compliance rules again.

・Students are to avoid the following  3Cs when carrying out research activities;

  1. Closed Space(e.g. enclosed spaces with  no windows and poor ventilation)
  2. Crowded Places(i.e. places where many people gathered in)
  3. Close-contact Settings(i.e. keeping less than 2m distance from others)

・Studenst are to obey and carry out the following:

①Take your temperature at home, make sure you do not have a fever before entering the campus.

②Do not drop by other places when you commute to and from campus and home.

③Always wear a mask on campus regardless if you are indoor or outside.

④When entering and leaving the building, wash your hands and gargle thoroughly. While inside the building, wash your hands thoroughly as often as possible.

⑤Do not eat or drink on campus(prohibited in principle). If you have a good or acceptable reason to eat or drink, ensure no one is around you when you do so.

⑥Minimize the number of people, time and work as far as possible.

2. Continuation of Online Education: We will complete the Spring Semester 2020 with online classes.

3. Reserch activities: Please follow an order from supervisor.

4. Administrative Office: IPS office will continue to close and receive inquiries by email.

◆Certificate-issuing at office will suspend its service. If you need a certificate urgently,please review this website ( Issuance of certificate )carefully.

◆Applications for Extension of Period of Stay and Applications for Change of Status:Please check (Applications for Extension of Period of Stay)

◆ Other inquiry:Please contact via email( [email protected])

5. Using public space: The computer room and student lobby will be available soon. We will let you know later.

*We cannot still overcome COVID-19 so please be safe with avoiding Three Cs and keeping wearing a mask,washing your hands and ventilation.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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