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Emerging memory system

Haoyan LIU, 1st grade of Doctor’s Program

OHSAWA lab focuses on the emerging memory system. Specifically, it mainly involves three aspects: device modeling, memory and computing in memory. In order to cope with the demand for high-density, high performance memory, people explore many kinds of emerging memories such as STT-MRAM, PCRAM and ReRAM. Some students’ work is designing the emerging memory cell and complete its read/write mode and external circuit. Meanwhile, the demand for computation has increased significantly with the rise of AI technology. But the concept of separating the memory from the processing which is from von Neumann architecture leads to the von Neumann bottleneck which means that the data moving limits the performance and increases the energy consumption. In our lab, some students try to design hardware accelerator for the neural networks. As for the device modeling, it is the basic of other two kinds of work. Some students try to implement the device models in the EDA tools.

Now, there are 20 students in the OHSAWA lab. Laboratory meetings are held weekly. We can hear what others are studying for and ask questions in the meetings. After the meetings, Professor Ohsawa discusses with students in detail one by one in order that everyone can solve their problems and find the right direction. In daily life, Professor Ohsawa is a kind elder, he is very willing to communicate with us and solve various problems for us. In addition to research activities, the lab often organizes various activities such as dinners, sports, outings, welcome parties and so on. As for these activities, some are hosted by the Professor and others by ourselves, which create a good atmosphere for the research room. If you are interested in the memory or computing in memory, welcome to be one of us.

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