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Biomedical Optics

Shunsuke OKUBO, 2nd grade of Master’s Program

Shimizu Lab carries out a variety of research with the objective of biomedical application of optical techniques. Specifically, we are trying to develop new optical-based techniques, such as noninvasive measurement of lipid in blood, bioscopy imaging, CT, human body communication and biometrics. By using infrared light, which has relatively high biopermeability among the different kinds of light, noninvasive penetration of living bodies is possible. However, since light that penetrates a living body becomes strongly scattered inside the living body, thus causing a deterioration in spatial resolution and accuracy of images, it is not easy to obtain useful information even by comparing with x-ray examinations. As a result, to solve such challenges, an approach to a new method is necessary, such as the development of a new algorithm or measurement technique. In the Shimizu Research Lab, research is being conducted daily on biomedical application of light.

In the intensive seminar that is held every Wednesday, progress on research is reported individually in the form of presentations. In this seminar, lively discussions are held between students and the professor, giving birth to various ideas. By sharing ideas and challenges through the seminar, students acquire diversified knowledge and help each other to drive research forward. There is also very strong camaraderie among the students, and the atmosphere in the research lab is full of energy. Shimizu Lab is home to students with various backgrounds. Even outside of research, everyone participates in welcome parties and hot-pot parties, and I can personally say that I have an exciting research life.

Feel free to stop by if you have an interest in medical biotechnology. Fellow students who have been continuing research based on the same interests will cordially welcome you.

Dark-room facility in laboratory

Optical transillumination image of human hand and improvement by deep learning

Optical transillumination image of human foot and improvement by deep learning

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