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Introduction to Furuzuki Lab

Yanni Ren, Doctoral Program 2nd year

Discovering the potential value from the data is a basic question and it has undergone substantial development over the past years. Furuzuki Laboratory has committed to the analysis, design and application of machine learning, especially deep learning.  We mainly focus on the relation network, reinforcement learning, kernel machine, semi-supervised learning, music composition, bioinformatics, object detection and group emotion recognition. Our computing system is comprised of more than 10 CPU severs and GPU severs which support various research and applications such as deep learning and big data analysis. There are some concrete examples of the research field we focus on:

  1. Multi-stream CNN for group emotion recognition.
  2. Neural relational reasoning for deep reinforcement learning and recommender systems.
  3. Hierarchical multi-label classifier for gene ontology annotation based on deep CNN.
  4. Semi-supervised learning for constructing a classifier by making use of both labeled and unlabeled data.
  5. Music composition for generating the main melody of karaoke music.

Currently, there are 1 JSPS researcher, 9 doctor students and 22 master students in our laboratory. Professor Furuzuki pays much attention to cultivate independent thinking, problem-solving and innovation spirit of all the students. The weekly seminar is held on every Wednesday afternoon as a regular research event for students presenting research progress and sharing paper reading. Besides, the 1-on-1 mentoring by Professor Furuzuki is available on Thursday afternoon to offer more specific guidance to each student.

Apart from the academic atmosphere, our laboratory is always full of family-like atmosphere. Welcome party for newcomers and farewell party for graduates are held every year, and celebrating birthday for Professor Furuzuki is a lovely tradition.

Furuzuki laboratory is a good place for the ones who are interested in machine learning especially deep learning.  Do not hesitate to join us!

BBQ party

Laboratory view


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