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Welcome to the world of ASIC-DA

ZHOU TINGYU, Doctoral Program 3rd year

Watanabe Laboratory is also called ASIC-DA Laboratory, which research interests are in the area of design automation, high-performance computing hardware architecture, and on-line task processing. Aiming at the goal of low power consumption and high performance of System LSI, the specific research themes in our Laboratory are as follows.

  • ASIC Design Automation
  • Algorithms for Physical Design
  • Online Task Placement
  • Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architecture

Watanabe laboratory is a wonderful place to learn the LSI design automation technology. Each week, we hold a Lab seminar and a Group seminar, where students will report last week’s progress and the latest findings on the research themes of interest. Professor Watanabe will listen carefully to the research results of each student and put forward his suggestions after careful consideration. In addition, there is a joint seminar with Kimura Laboratory, in which each student could receive guidance from the two professors and have an opportunity to discuss with other laboratory students. Under the guidance of professors and academic discussions with each other, everyone in our laboratory has the opportunity to present their research results at international conferences or journals in various domestic and overseas fields.

As of 2020, there are 1 Assistant Professor, 2 Researchers, 1 Research Assistant, 2 doctor candidates and 5 master students in our laboratory. We come from the United States, Japan, and China with different cultural backgrounds but deep friendships so that we make progress in research and life together.

The laboratory is always full of friendly and warm atmosphere. Every year, Professor Watanabe holds a welcome party for newcomers and a farewell party for graduates to deepen mutual understanding. We also experience Japanese kimono and tea ceremony culture, cherry blossom viewing in spring, and fireworks in summer, fully appreciate Japanese culture. If you are interested in Watanabe Laboratory, please join us and make precious memories together.

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Laboratory view

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