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Inuishi Laboratory

Introduction to the Inuishi Laboratory

LIU DIEYI, Master’s Program 2nd year

We study advanced power semiconductor devices in the Inuishi laboratory including IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), Lateral DMOS (LDMOS), and Lateral IGBT (LIGBT) for high voltage switching and high voltage IC. We design the most suitable power device structures by process, device, and circuit simulation. Based on these results, we fabricate chips based on our design in the research and development center of Hibikino, and finally test the performance of the chips to check whether the research target can be achieved. If this is not possible in reality, we will analyze the reason. In short, our research goals are mainly divided into the following three aspects:
1.device structure study for advanced power semiconductors with process and device simulation.
2.Modeling of advanced power devices for circuit simulation.
3.Fabrication of power semiconductor devices and reliability study.
As a first-year graduate student, it was a stage of knowledge accumulation. We learned about semiconductor devices and related courses in semiconductor manufacturing. From the second year of graduate students, we gradually began to use simulation software to observe the characteristics of different semiconductor structures, and to study the design method and optimize the performance of semiconductor devices. In the end, we will all participate in the actual manufacturing of semiconductors and fully understand the entire process of a chip from design to completion.
Prof. Inuishi is very gentle. No matter if it is a problem in study or life, you can talk with the professor, and the professor will stand by us and ask us to solve problems. We don’t have a large number of student members, but the relationship among us is very good. We usually respect each other and study quiet in the lab. And we also go out to eat or play together in private.
In short, the Inuishi laboratory is a place where you can learn advanced power semiconductors, and it is also a warm place like home.

Make a chip

Professor Inuishi and students

Dinner with everyone in the laboratory

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