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Introduction to the Yoshie Laboratory

Xiao Rui, Master’s Program 2nd year

“We develop technologies for analyzing/synthesizing inner-community information.”

When people gather, a community is born. Nowadays, even software and hardware are essential components of a community. For example, in the concept of the cyber-physical system depicted in Industry 4.0, the physical world, where people and machines coexist, and the cyber world, composed of information systems and artificial intelligence, are connected by sensors and augmented reality (AR) technology, forming one community as a whole. These communities are also interconnected in some cases.

In the Yoshie Laboratory, we analyze the information flowing inside such communities and infer which information is vital to the community. Conversely, we generate useful information and study how we can present it in an easy-to-understand format. For this purpose, artificial intelligence, signal processing (e.g., audio and image processing), secret sharing, and consensus-building process analysis are used as core technologies. Such extensive research is only made possible by work-sharing among visiting researchers, commissioned research staff, and assistants, as well as over 40 graduate students. In particular, almost half of the graduate students are enrolled in the second-term doctoral programs and are studying to obtain a doctoral degree.

Concurrently, the Yoshie Laboratory conducts international industry–academia collaboration projects. Prof. Yoshie, a laboratory professor, runs a research institute called the Institute for Global Strategies on Industry–Academia Fusion, where collaboration with Japanese companies, Chinese local governments, and industry is thriving.

While the Yoshie Laboratory is a community in itself, each participating student is required to manage themselves independently. Self-management and independence are believed to be increasingly necessary, as the student will become a member of society. Independence, industry–academia collaboration, and the gathering of diverse people are the distinctive characteristics of the Yoshie Laboratory.

Laboratory party

Workshop for studying the consensus-building process

Machine for artificial intelligence research


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