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Introduction to the Kimura Laboratory

LEI Ping, 3rd grade on Doctoral program

In recent years, with the development of VLSI technology, speed, area, and power problems in digital circuit design yield great importance. Kimura Laboratory focus on the research of high-level verification technology in the field of system LSI design. We aim at hardware design optimization methods and their verification for FPGA/ASIC. Research themes mainly lays in three perspectives, application, design methodology and basic theory, which consists of the following fields.

1)High-level Design and Verification, such as arithmetic circuit verification and post silicon validation.

2)Application Specific High-level Synthesis, such as big data manipulation using machine learning accelerator and convolutional neural networks acceleration using FPGA.

3)Hardware/Software Codesign, such as approximate computing.

4)Dependable Computing, such as majority based logic synthesis.

Currently, there are four doctor students and twelve master students in our laboratory. Everyone is hardworking and chasing their research goals which they have great interest in. We hold Lab seminar once a week to report the progress of our research project. In the seminar, we share sparking ideas with respect to everyone’s research theme. Professor’s rich experience and advice gives us great help when overcome research difficulties. In addition to that, we hold joint seminar with members in Watanabe Lab. Students from each Lab share their thoughts and discuss the problem in academic research together. Professors listen to the presentation carefully and gives us inspiring advice. In recent years, our laboratory has published many papers in domestic and international conferences and journals. It is very helpful for us to make good progress.

The atmosphere in our laboratory is always lively and pleasant. We have various activities which make our daily life colorful. Every year, we organize new year party, farewell party to gather around and deepen our friendship. Kimura laboratory is a great place where you can both do great research and enjoy colorful life. If you are interested in Kimura laboratory, please join us and embrace wonderful future together.

Year party

Farewell party

Laboratory view

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