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Introduction to the Miyake Laboratory

Kohei Sahara, Master’s Program 2nd year

Our research goal is to develop several unique technologies to realize the organic integration of soft, wet biomaterials, such as the human body, and hard dry devices, or electronics. Our research topics are as follows:

  • Soft Interface: Interfaces between devices and biomaterials
  • Wet Interface: Sites for chemical energy conversion
  • Ion-controlling Interface: Sites for interactive communication with biomaterials

I’m working on a project to develop metal thin films so that we can control intercellular communications through substances. The Miyake laboratory runs some more projects to develop special things, such as contact lenses for measuring biochemical information in tears, biofuel cells for power generation by using components found in sweat, and membranes for regulating the flow of protons. To establish this information technology of the future, we have been making consistent efforts in cooperation with many companies and universities.

We hold seminars twice a week where we report the progress of each project, and the students introduce some interesting papers. I have been given opportunities to come up with a breakthrough idea through active discussion at the seminar many times. Associate Professor Miyake respects the students’ opinions so deeply that he warmly welcomes our spontaneous ideas, and helps us find a way to make them possible. The days spent at our laboratory naturally enable us to gain various knowledge and skills as well as a creative thinking style. Your ability will achieve a level that you’d never thought possible when you entered the college.

Thanks to the Miyake laboratory, which gives us a chance to engage in various kinds of research, the graduates have made their own careers in many fields. Your research subject never blocks your career, but only helps. We attend several conferences, which actively motivates us because we can realize the importance of our research. We regularly engage in recreational activities such as soup parties, BBQ parties, and welcome and farewell parties. We are very close.

Why don’t you join our laboratory to realize “a future where devices connect with living bodies through ions”?


Welcome Party


Cell Observations



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