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Tanaka (Jiro) Lab

Interactive Programing Laboratory (IPLAB)

Katsuya Hommaru, Master’s Program 2nd year

IPLAB explores the future of information environments from a human interface software perspective by conducting research that pursues novelty and usability and providing prototypes based on the results.

Currently IPLAB is working on research and development focused on the following three themes:

  • Developing virtual world and real world syntheses applying XR (VR/AR/XR/CR) and the gesture motions associated with each of these
  • Developing interfaces for the next-generation e-commerce services as alternatives to traditional Web-based services
  • Developing life log sharing systems that record, analyze, and support various human activities using sensors and devices.

We believe that in the future the above themes will go beyond mere experience and sensation to become an intimate part of our life and a growing field that provides services and systems essential to society.

Every Tuesday and Thursday IPLAB holds a seminar where members share ideas and how their research is progressing, discuss specific problems and improvements with professor Tanaka, and engage in discussion with one another. The seminars are an opportunity for us to refine our own research and gain multifaceted knowledge. Moreover, Professor Tanaka focuses on our future careers in terms of academic researchers or members of the private sector and gives us advice on what we need to focus on now.

As an IPLAB member who is an adult student from a different field, I am stimulated everyday by the diverse and creative ideas of Professor Tanaka and foreign exchange students, and the experience has broadened my perspective toward working with cutting-edge technology. I also want to add that since I have a child and commute to campus from Kobe managing time and money is a huge challenge; this experience, however, has made me truly appreciate the value of recurrent education that is able to compensate for this challenge.

Are you interested in experiencing the progress of the technology that is creating our future?

IPLAB holds informal gatherings and other activities, so feel free contact us for more information.

IPLAB members


View of a seminar


Experiment using Microsoft HoloLens

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