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Introduction to Ikenaga Laboratory

Songlin Du, 3rd year doctoral student

Welcome to Ikenaga laboratory. The researches of Ikenaga laboratory aim at solving important scientific problems in image and video information systems which are the keys for various applications of machine vision and artificial intelligence. For example, one of our research groups focuses on automatic sports video analysis. As a collaboration with Japan Volleyball Association, Sports Science Department and related companies, the goal of our sports analysis group is to achieve high-accurate and real-time game-data acquisition from video automatically to support the TV content broadcasting and national team training in 2020 Olympic Games. Main research topics in sports analysis group include objects tracking, action recognition, and GPU acceleration technologies. Another research group focuses on developing high speed and ultra-low delay vision system which is the key technique in achieving better experiences in human-machine interactive applications. To achieve this goal, we design highly parallel algorithms and implement them on FPGA to obtain a high processing speed of 1000fps with the delay less than 1ms. This high speed and ultra-low delay vision system is utilized to track the precise position of fast-moving objects in human-machine interactive applications.

Currently, there are 17 students in our laboratory. We have regular lab meeting and joint seminar once a week for students to fully discuss researches with Prof. Ikenaga and other members. Through the discussions, every student makes amazing nice progress on their researches. Prof. Ikenaga also makes efforts to help us improve our communication skill, writing skill, and presentation skill. Alumni graduated from our laboratory are now actively doing contributions to both of academia and industry. Some of the alumni are doing researches in famous universities, such as Tsinghua University and Nanjing University, and some of them are creating advanced techniques in top engineering companies.

In our laboratory, we have various activities which make our daily life colorful, such as welcome party for new members, year-end party, and seminar tour. For example, during the seminar tours in every summer, we visited many interesting places, such as Yamaguchi, Oita, and Nagasaki. Through these activities, we promoted friendship, tasted delicious food, and learned Japanese culture.

Prof. Ikenaga provides insightful guidance, creates best research environment, and makes optimal atmosphere for all the lab members. Let’s do exciting research, enjoy colorful life, and embrace wonderful future together at Ikenaga laboratory.

Lab tour


Collaboration with Prof. Zhenyu Liu from Tsinghua University



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