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The State of Inujima Lab

Master’s Program 1st Year – Yugo Kurusu

We make a habit of practicing 6S (seiri: sorting; seiton: orderliness; seiketsu: cleanliness, seisou: cleaning; shitsuke: discipline; sahou: manner) as part of the policy of Professor Inujima, who started his career in the corporate world, so the lab is always a clean environment where we can focus on research. We are strongly encouraged to act independently and are given much freedom. This enables us to develop the confidence we need to function in society.

Inujima Lab mainly focuses on research into equipment diagnostic technology. Equipment diagnostic technology processes signals received with sensing systems in equipment, then analyzes these signals statistically to understand the status of equipment and predict its status in the future. Our research topics cover a wide range of technology fields related to development, production, and corporate activities based on equipment diagnostic technology. Therefore, I plan to develop a bridge diagnostic system using signal analysis, data science, statistics, and machine learning.

I just joined this lab recently, but Professor Inujima welcomed me sincerely. We gather in the lab every week to discuss research, student life, and employment, so I am not worried about my future. Professor Inujima might seem difficult to deal with at first glance, but he is happy to discuss anything with me, and he has a lot of life experience and expertise, so he is interesting to talk to and he himself enjoys talking. Perhaps because of this, a lot of talkative students join his lab, so we have quite a lively lab here despite the relatively small number of students.

If you are interested in fields related to equipment diagnostic technology, please come visit our lab.

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