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Koyanagi laboratory

Koyanagi laboratory

M2&Information, Production and Systems JIA HAIWEI

Koyanagi laboratory is one of the leading “network engineering” laboratories in Japan. The purpose is to utilize cutting-edge Internet technology that is regarded as very important in recent years. We are focusing on research on next-generation network technology based on distributed computing technology such as cloud computing, Peer-To-Peer technology, and Grid computing technology in order to propose new intelligent network technology. We aim to build a more secure and comfortable intelligent network environment.

We have a seminar on every Tuesday. Students gather in the laboratory and go to the seminar room together. In the seminar, students will report on the research progress and status of the research which they are working on, or introduce the latest proposed methods and research results in this area. After the presentation is over, the teacher can give comments, the students can ask questions, the basic knowledge deepens in such activities, and new ideas for research can be generated.

Mr. Koyanagi is in charge of classes such as “Information communication network” and “Distributed system” every year. Every time the professor prepared well before the lecture. Students also need to review before the class, as the professor to ask questions about the content of the lecture.

In our laboratory, we hold new student welcome party, social gathering, year-end party, and farewell party to deepen the feelings among the members of the laboratory. At the event, Mr. Koyanagi also sings in the party. Finally, for those who are motivated and want to study in a fun environment, this is the best laboratory, so if you are interested please come to the Koyanagi laboratory.

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