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Takahata lab

Takahata laboratory

AO Chenge, 2nd degree on master program

The major research field of Takahata laboratory is opto-electronic integrated circuits and systems, for example, compact optical transceivers for high-speed optical communication systems, microwave photonic devices for mobile network systems and functional optical devices for future integrated systems, based on opto-electronic integration technology that combines optical devices and LSI’s. Undergraduate students who are interested in opto-electronics hardware or optical devices can start their own research activities in our laboratory.

Several basic courses are provided in the first semester. From the second semester, members will attend regular seminar. In seminar, everyone’s idea is shown and shared, and we discuss his/her idea based on the suggestions of the professor. As a result, the level of research and presentation of each student can be improved. Existing research in our laboratory can be continued, you can also propose new idea. I believe you can create something valuable under professor’s guidance.

Tools such as an optical propagation simulator and an optical communication software are learned and used in our laboratory for designing and testing and integrated optical components. Other software such as a high-frequency circuit simulator or 3-D electromagnetic field simulator are also used, and we welcome newcomers who have practical new techniques.

Not only focus on research together, we also organize many activities in our daily lives. Hot pot dinner, izakaya chat, traveling and hanami together. You can also find friends with common interests. As regular event, a welcome party, year-end party and farewell party are held every year.

If you are interested in optoelectronic integrated circuits or optical communication with confident and appropriate ability, welcome to our laboratory to enjoy comfortable learning atmosphere and a colorful after-school life.



Year-end party


Research discussion

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