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Tateno Lab

Introducing the Tateno Lab

Daichi Fujita, 1st Year of Master’s Degree

At the Tateno Lab, we primarily develop communication systems using wireless networks, in particular indoor positioning systems. GPS, the most widely known outdoor positioning system, is insufficient for use indoors, where radio communication with satellites is more difficult. Our laboratory has thus installed ZigBee wireless communication modules indoors, and adopting a level of radio reception strength, we calculate the estimated coordinates of the target. The internal positioning system is developed in cooperating with external institutions, so we do comparative experiments with internal positioning systems already on the market and visit public facilities, in order to conduct experiments with more practical suppositions. We think about the problems that arise and possible solutions, proceeding towards more accurate positioning with practical viability.

Our seminars, held every Thursday, include both reports on the progress of various kinds of research, and opportunities to share thoughts and ideas that the researcher might not have hit on before. Professor Tateno has a real zeal for learning, and earnestly attacks problems until a satisfactory plan can be drawn up to solve them.

Finally, the Tateno Laboratory takes for its motto “helping the world with new and fun things!” which includes various kinds of research not described here. People who think to themselves, “I want to make this type of interesting thing!” or “I want to feel the sense of accomplishment for solving a problem!”, please come study with us at Tateno Lab.


Setting up experiments using ZigBee


We also have drones!


A home-built computer

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