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Bio-Robotics and Human-Mechatronics Laboratory

Master 2 year ZHU CHEN, Master 1 year MORIKAWA AMI

Our lab is aiming at making the better relationship between human beings and robots. The research topics include “Walking / Upper limb training system”, “Language / Calligraphy learning support system”, “Remote operating / Human detecting and following mobile robot”. Now we are tackling on the projects such as “Pedestrian guiding robot”, “3D image projection and interaction system”, and “Air pointing for computer woks”. The lab members not only join the domestic and international conferences but also publish papers in academic journals. Moreover, we exhibit our result continuously in iREX, the world largest robotics exhibition held in Tokyo, to demonstrate to experts all over the world.

The lab seminar is held on Monday and Thursday every week. The seminar is for reporting the research progress and making discussions to change ideas between students so that we can learn many kinds of knowledge beside the own research. In addition to research activities, we regularly have various events such as the welcome party for new students and the farewell party in order to increase the communication among students.

Professor Matsumaru is always serious and enthusiastic on teaching and researching. He always gives students a lot of helpful advice on the research or on the job hunting. He will share all the information which is benefit for students by mail.

The Matsumaru lab is a good place for developing ourselves. If you are interest in the Bio-robotics and the Human-Robotics, please come here to realize your dream.

Lab’s members photo at ISIPS2018


Exhibiting and demonstration at iREX2017


New student welcome tour in Hibikinada Green Park

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