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SHINOHARA Lab Unknown Story

Ruilin ZHANG, 2nd year of Doctor course


Shinohara Lab, in general, works on the dependable information systems and mainly researches on PUF(Physical Unclonable Function) & TRNG(True Random Number Generator) which are two important security parts in IoT era. However, there are some specialties which are unknown to you.


“Professor, very strange things occurred!”, one sentence from a book written by Shinya Yamanaka who won the 2012 Nobel Prize. He used this to describe his excitement feeling at research. So do us. Professor Shinohara leads us to study this book at our seminar. The “VW” and “Presentation Ability” in this book are also Shinohara Lab’s specialties.


“VW” is Vision & Work hard. The first lesson I was told in Shinohara Lab is to recognize the technical trend. We work our research with world No. 1 target. The design process includes theory building, software simulation, layout design, team cooperation in total chip connection, joint verification with the manufacturing company and finally real chip measurement.  The most happiness is getting self-designed IC chip. Sometimes you may be struck in difficulties. Don’t worry, Professor Shinohara with 40-years circuit design experience will help you to face it and work out it.


Presentation ability training, another Shinohara Lab’s specialty.  Through 2 seminars each week & research short reports, Professor Shinohara will help you to make your presentation logically and easy understanding even at small points such as letter size and color scheme. Furthermore, we have introduced our Authentication System Prototype (our design’s application in practice) at the exhibition, which is a valuable experience.


Studying important, but so is having fun. Mountain climbing is a regular event at the annual welcome party in our lab. This year we climbed a mountain called “HINOYAMA” in Shimonoseki. Which one will we climb next? Besides, beach relay race, Shinohara-ken badminton team, hot pot party and so on, there are always some fresh for you.


Last but not least, we felicitate Kunyang LIU acquired “Student Travel Grant Award” in IEEE A-SSCC 2018 (Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference).  Looking forward to your joining, let’s create more world-class works together!


Laboratory Seminar


Mountain Climbing Event (Start from Mojiko Terminal)


Kunyang LIU acquired “Student Travel Grant Award” in A-SSCC 2018

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