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Introduction to the Tatsumi Lab

Takumi Fujiwara, 2nd Year of Master’s Degree

Takumi Onodera, 1st Year of Master’s Degree


At the Tatsumi Lab, we are conducting research related to interconnections. Our major themes include development of high-temperature-resistant packaging technology based on nanomaterials and metal plating, and of metal plating using polymer nano-composites, and we are making approaches toward enhancing the reliability and energy-saving of power devices mounted on electric bicycles, etc. In addition, we are also conducting joint research with corporations, and an environment in which one can study technologies that can be put to practical use in the near future is a major appeal of the Tatsumi Lab.


I am researching nickel electroplating bonding technology. Since bonding reliability changes depending on the plating conditions, I perform many trial-and-error experiments everyday using plating equipment exclusive for my research. The Tatsumi Lab has many experimental/measuring equipment, including optical microscopes and SEM-EDX/FEM analysis software, making it possible for us to be motivated to challenge ourselves towards anything. At the weekly seminars, we have discussions with professors and researchers, through which we are able to acquire new information and ideas. There is also lively interaction among the students, as we often go get something to eat after our seminar, and I truly believe that I am fortunate to be a part of Tatsumi Lab, where every day is fulfilling. (Written by Fujiwara)


Currently, I am studying the fundamentals of research related to high-temperature resistant packaging technology. To realize interconnections that are superior in reliability, it is important to conduct evaluations on an atomic level. Thus, I am working on understanding the principle of Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), which is a representative example of surface analysis methods, and I am planning on utilizing it in research. Professor Tatsumi, with his warm personality, is extremely knowledgeable and provides attentive guidance, and I really feel that my field of vision is expanding. The Lab is an environment where all of the students, who are from different backgrounds, can lead a fulfilling research life. (Written by Onodera)


During a seminar


Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) equipment


Group photo

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