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Tomohiro Sasaki, M-1 student

The Kamata Lab specializes in image processing, and our research ranges from object recognition and image compression to speeding up of filter processing. Recently, we have been doing research using deep learning. Selection of research theme is basically up to the student, and it’s an environment where the students can pursue their interests.

Seminars are held every week. In the seminar, the students give a presentation which includes an introduction of professional articles and a progress report on their research. For example, we need to go beyond simple introduction of professional articles, and take a step forward toward to demonstrate applicability to future prospects. By working creatively, we not only deepen our understanding of image processing, but also acquire the ability to think proactively. In addition, I feel it is highly meaningful, because we can acquire inspiration from other students’ presentations.

Professor Kamata is very sincere about his research, and we learn a lot from his attitude. He is also sincere about guiding the students, and spares a lot of his time especially for discussion.

The Kamata Lab has a homely atmosphere. We hold parties at occasions such as admission and graduation, which helps to strengthen relationships in the laboratory. The advice obtained at such gatherings supports the students in various ways, such as by giving hints on research and opportunities for practical thinking.

I think it is the ideal environment to engage in serious research.

If you are interested, let’s do research on image processing in the Kamata Lab.

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