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Welcome to Yoshimasu Lab!

FANG Mengchu, 1st year of Master Program

Wireless communication devices such as smartphones exist everywhere in our daily life. Yoshimasu laboratory is doing research on such high frequency analog circuits.

In our laboratory, we usually design a circuit using the personal computer and RF circuit simulators such as cadence and ADS. Among all high-frequency analog circuits for wireless communication, we are mainly studying low noise amplifier, power amplifier, voltage controlled oscillator and mixer. Knowledge that is necessary for research can be acquired through Professor Yoshimasu’s lecture and instruction from senior students. Thus, even people who are going to design a high-frequency circuit for the first time can do research with confidence. After designing the circuit, we will make a layout for the designed circuit and ask the company to manufacture the chip. When the chip is manufactured, the performance of the chip is actually measured in the laboratory. In Yoshimasu lab, the sense of accomplishment can be tested when seeing the fabricated chip and good results are obtained at measurement. Of course, there are many opportunities to present designed circuits at international conferences or publish on academic journals. Presentation skills can be learned and trained in lab seminars. In seminars, we will report our latest research activities, get advice from teachers and other students, and actively discuss ideas of circuit design.

Currently, 11 graduate students and 2 doctoral students are enrolled in the laboratory. We help each other not only research but also our daily life. We will go to dinner, karaoke, festivals etc. together at weekends. We are hoping your join to this big warm family!


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