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Welcome to Ogai laboratory

PAN Xun, 3rd year of doctor

The main research field in Ogai laboratory is about autonomous driving system. Autonomous driving is a very complicated interdisciplinary research area. It has many sub-systems, like vehicle control system, path planning system, obstacle avoidance system, positioning and localization system, communication system and so on, and it involves many technologies like computer vision, sensor fusion and so on. All the above mentioned areas or techniques can be your research theme. Besides autonomous driving system, there are also researches about bridge diagnostics, pipe robot and engine in our laboratory.

Professor Ogai is a very erudite and diligent man. He has extraordinary enthusiasm about research. He devotes himself to not only research, but also his students. Although he is very serious about research, he is very kind and easy to get along with in daily life.

In Ogai laboratory we have two seminars per week. One is about the research progress, at which some students (usually 3 to 4) will introduce their research to others. Another is about paper sharing, students will share papers which they think are interesting and insightful. Since one’s research is more or less related to others’ research, the sharing of knowledge and perspective among different research fields is very important and helpful. We also have a book reading seminar every semester. In the beginning of each semester, Professor Ogai will let us vote for one book that we are going to read in this semester, and then every student will get a chance to introduce one chapter of this book to other students.

Since our laboratory belongs to the Production field of IPS, we not only study about theories, but pay much attention to applications. In our laboratory, we have real cars that can apply the autonomous driving system to. It is really exciting to see your research being applied in a real car. To offer students chances to apply their knowledge to real life, Profess Ogai will also try to cooperate with industry to accomplish some projects together. From these projects, students can have deeper understanding about their researches.

The after school life in Ogai laboratory is also very colorful. We will organize different kinds of activities like party, BBQ, fishing and so on now and then.

If you are interested about autonomous driving, or you want turn your idea into real application, it is a good choice to join Ogai laboratory.

Electric car for autonomous driving


Summer festival party


Graduation group photo

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