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Welcome to the world of Data Mining

Su Wenbo, Second year on Master’s program

Lab research:

Data! We live in the data age. Today, data science gets all the headlines. If you open any newspaper, you are likely to find an article about some facet of it. At the Data Engineering Laboratory at IPS, Waseda U., our laboratory encompasses development of new technologies for efficient access on massive data and knowledge extraction from such data, based on database technologies. We aim to discover the potential values and improve data services from the massive data by using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies. At the present stage, our data are mainly collected from Wikipedia and Social Networking Services. Based on the collected data, we are mainly focusing on the following research fields:

  1. Wikipedia edit history mining
  2. Entity linking
  3. Title generation
  4. Graph mining and security
  5. User activity analysis and sentiment analysis

If you want to sharpen skills on Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing technologies, Iwaihara lab is a wonderful place. Currently, we have one doctor student and thirteen master students in our laboratory. Our group seminars are usually hold twice a week. During the seminars, we report our research process, present and discuss the content of some excellent papers. Professor will give his comments and suggestions based on the presentation. Discussions with the group can also help us to understand other research or improve our models. Professor Iwaihara is very kind, responsible and knowledgeable. He encourages us a lot and pays many efforts on helping us learning well. Under the instructions of professor, many outstanding papers have been published in international conferences.

Lab life:

Our laboratory is a global laboratory, students are from different countries. Life in our lab is wonderful. We have many activities each year, such as: welcome party for new students; beach barbecue; lab trip and so on. The welcome party is usually hold on December. During that party, old students, new students and professor are cooking, eating and talking together. The delicious foods and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like home. Beach barbecue is a very excellent experience, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food. In October, going on a lab trip to nearby cities is our tradition. During the trip, we can visit aquariums, art galleries, old cities, explore a cave and so on. That is a very good chance to experience Japanese culture and deepen the team friendship. If you are interested in our research, welcome to join us to explore the mysterious world of data and enjoy interesting laboratory life.

Lab Trip

Welcome Party

Graduated Students

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