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E. Tanaka lab

About the lab

NAGAYOSHI Hayato, 2nd degree on master’s program

The Tanaka Laboratory conducts research on two main themes; 1) the machine diagnostic and analysis, and 2) daily life support equipment based on three criteria “safety, sustainability, and support feasibility.” The laboratory members come from different fields of expertise, mechanical, control and information engineering. By sharing the information with each other, it is possible to develop complete systems; including hardware implementation from design to manufacturing; and software implementation consisting of programming, signal processing and analysis. The current research themes in our laboratory include devices that assist walking and standing-up, assist in performing arm tasks, gear damage diagnosis using laser, lift up assistance suits, and emotion recognition. Common to all of this research is Prof. Tanaka’s commitment to creating socially useful things and enhancing the quality of life of people. Besides writing research papers and taking part in conferences, the lab especially stands out the point to complete the research as a product. Moreover, the Laboratory has been picked up on television and in the newspaper many times and is also gaining attention among the general public.

At seminars, members report on their weekly progress, receive advice from the professor, and engage in a lively exchange of opinions. Research is very hard work, so it is important to turn the switch on and off time to time by going out to dinner, doing gourmet tours, and enjoying other leisure activities.

The lab environment allows members to immerse themselves in research and to develop their English communication skills and international outlook through interaction with study abroad students. We welcome people who enjoy making things in a global environment. Please feel free to come and check it out!!

tanakei 2017 1

Group photo

tanakei 2017 2

Conducting an experiment

tanakei 2017 3

Members enjoy a day trip

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