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LI Weite, 2nd degree on Doctoral program & YUAN Xin, 2nd degree on Master program

In the era of big data, Furuzuki Laboratory has committed to the analysis, design, and application of machine learning and data mining technology. Recently, we have witnessed the success of deep learning in a broad range of real-world applications. However, their internal mechanisms remain to be uninterpretable. Therefore, it is our goal to design more flexible and understandable model, in order to teach machines to discover the potential value from the data. Now, we are mainly focusing on the following research fields:
1) Deep Learning
2) Optimization of Large Scale Computation
3) Neural Language Model
4) Machine Learning System
5) Computer Vision Application

Currently, there are 5 doctor students and 21 master students in our laboratory. They come from different countries, including China, Indonesia, and the Philippines, which gives the opportunity to create a multicultural exchange. The weekly seminar is held once each week as a regular research event for students presenting their research progress. Besides, the 1-on-1 mentoring opportunity is provided every Thursday afternoon, in order to offer more specific guidance to each student. Through such intensive training processes, all the students in our lab are able to make consistent progress together. This is all thanks to Professor Furuzuki, who pays much attention to cultivating innovation spirit, independent thinking, and problem-solving ability of all students.
Apart from research atmosphere, we also have a warm and family-like atmosphere in our laboratory. Welcome party and farewell meeting are held each semester. During the party together with our Professor, we not only enjoy delicious foods but also able to learn various Japanese culture at the same time.
I think our laboratory is a very good place for students from different countries, who are interested in machine learning and data mining. Our lab has opened its doors to you. Do not hesitate to join us! We are waiting for you in the era of big data!

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Laboratory member

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