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  • Entered doctoral program in April 2019
  • Current Bioelectronics Laboratory
  • From National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, JAPAN
  • Earned a master’s degree from Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University

Many foreign exchange students are enrolled at this campus, which provides a global educational environment where I can work alongside students with different cultures and viewpoints. At times, I am stimulated by their unique ideas, and I can feel my own viewpoint expanding. In addition, because IPS has wide range of technical fields to study, it is possible to acquire knowledge beyond the boundaries of one’s field. There are ample research facilities, so it is possible to develop new academic fields and fusion research, depending on the enthusiasm of the students. In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that IPS is the site where the next generation of innovation will be born.

Ms. HUO, Hairong

  • Entered master program in September 2018
  • Data Engineering Laboratory
  • From Shichuan University, CHINA

In IPS, you can have access to the most advanced technologies and education system around the world, guided by prominent and excelled professors in different research fields. Here, surrounded by enthusiastic and friendly classmates who hold various interests with different backgrounds from all over the world, you can explore a totally diversified life style and academic atmosphere. In our laboratory, we are mainly studying development of new technologies for efficient access on massive data and knowledge extraction from such data.  Generally, IPS provides a wide range of research topics, enabling everyone to find their own preferences here from all kinds of perspectives.

Mr. BEN SOUISSI, Sofiene

  • Entered master program in April 2018
  • Manufacturing Information Systems Laboratory
  • From Tunisia Private University, TUNISIA

Waseda IPS gathers students from different countries and from different backgrounds. This makes IPS a unique research environment in terms of challenging your ideas, learn about different viewpoints and see your problems from diverse perspectives. Additionally, we are supported by highly talented professors who constantly provide us with their guidance and their feed backs. In our lab we focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing systems and the implementation of advanced algorithms to tackle the challenges facing the future of industries.


  • Entered master program in September 2018
  • Community Computing Laboratory
  • From Thammasat University, THAILAND

Joined by students from diverse countries and backgrounds, IPS provides an excellent environment to exchange ideas and perspectives. Regular seminars among the students and conferences often result in the acquisition of new viewpoints and encourage us to tackle our challenges from diverse angles. The courses provided by IPS cover a wide variety of technical fields, allowing students to flexibly extend their technical knowledge. We are guided by talented professors who are devoted to supporting the students by constantly providing valuable guidance and feedback to our ideas. The dynamic and fulfilling research environment provided by IPS has always inspired me to enthusiastically challenge real-world problems.

Mr. ZHANG, Yingwei

  • Entered master program in September 2018
  • Wireless Communication Circuits Technologies Laboratory
  • From Southeast University, CHINA

IPS embraces different cultures and viewpoints, also introduces various knowledge, technology and innovation. I am impressed by so many interested students and teachers here, which really broaden my horizon. IPS offers many research directions, and you will always find a suitable place to make yourself sparkle. In our laboratory, researches mainly focus on Power Amplifier, Voltage Controlled Oscillator and other high frequency analog integrated circuits. We are passionate about exploring the mysteries of wireless communication. Professor is always willing to guide you to conquer academic problem. In IPS, you can learn what you want, live what you want, and be what you want.

Ms. FANG, Mengchu

  • Entered doctoral program in September 2019
  • Wireless Communication Circuits Technologies Laboratory
  • From Southeast University, CHINA
  • Earned a master’s degree from Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University

IPS is a place full of colorfulness. Here gather students who are from different nations and who have different innovative ideas. Those ideas always bring splendid sparkles in IPS. Exposed to the world’s most advanced knowledge and technology, students can work on their researches actively. In our laboratory, we are mainly studying power amplifier, voltage controlled oscillator and other high frequency analog integrated circuits. From regular seminars to various international conferences, we actively disseminate our ideas. Under the support from the teacher, I am living a fulfilling research life with my lab members.

Mr. SKOBOV, Victor

  • Master degree in March 2020
  • Example-based machine translation/NLP Laboratory
  • From University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, BELARUS

At IPS, I can fully control my future competence by choosing among various courses, and am able to join one of the laboratories. You will always find a support for your research, and have access to everything you might need. That makes IPS a perfect environment for researchers. Anyone can find a place here. I am glad that I can do my research at Hibikino Science and Research Park, where a big scientific community is present. Sharing exploration of new ideas, connecting to people from all over the world is a part of campus life. You will meet a lot of enthusiastic and amazing people who share

Mr. AO, Chenge

  • Master degree in March 2019
  • Opto-electronic Integrated Systems Laboratory
  • From Xidian University, CHINA

Freshman will enjoy the energetic study life in IPS, shows abilities and ideas bravely. While conscientious staff solve the trouble about studying abroad. Students can choose course as needed and join interested Lab. Our Lab mainly research the method of evaluating and optimizing optical communication. We are allowed try our own idea as much as possible with Professor’s guidance. As for employment, IPS will provide systematic guidance, such as experience sharing and various recruit information. Students can be better integrated into social with the supporting from school.

Ms. YAO, Xueqin

  • Master degree in September 2018
  • Neurocomputing Systems Laboratory
  • From Sichuan University, CHINA

I am currently in majoring research, “A Kernel Learning Method for Support Vector Machine (SVM) Using a Neural Network”. Simply speaking, SVM is known as an efficient classifier, but it uses fixed kernel function such as Gaussian kernel that may not be an optimal one for some complicated problems. We want to develop a neural network model to learn an optimal kernel from data. This will make SVM more flexible for various complicated problems. Furthermore, by incorporating deep learning method, we may realize deep kernel learning. Although it is difficult to advance it, it is worthwhile because I can grow up as a researcher by getting over anything step by step with great lab members & fulfilling research environment.


  • Master degree in March 2018
  • Machine System Design Laboratory
  • From Kumamoto University, JAPAN

IPS, a phenomenal research environment, where gather ambitious people from all over the world. Joining this graduate school enables me to get to know more in different fields and broaden my scope of knowledge. Additionally, by communicating with international students, I can broaden a global vision and enhance personal values. During the period of job hunting, I was able to objectively realize what I want and clarify my career direction by deeply reviewing myself with those experiences.

Mr. GEBRESLASSE, Girmay Kahsay

  • Master degree in March 2018
  • Smart Industry Laboratory
  • From Mekelle University, ETHIOPIA

Research is the real sake of every one who believes that education is the tool to create a better future and society. Students in our lab are engaged in various research topics to solve the top challenges which pertains production management. Implementation of advanced technology like genetic algorithm and scheduling algorithm in the context of production management are among the researches widely conducted. Students in the lab are always devoted on their studies to be the best professional they possibly be. There are highly talented professors and young researchers who stand to create differences from the rule of thumb working norms. Students have sufficient consultation time with their professor and also receive valuable comments from lab mates while presenting their research on seminars. Laboratory exercise, seminars and international conferences allow students to improve their professional skills and broaden their global thinking.


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