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Introduce Yoshie laboratory

WU Weikai & Jiang Anging, 2nd degree on Master program

Yoshie Laboratory is a laboratory specializing in information analysis. Here, students are doing various researches, such as voice analysis and image identification. In addition, the research in Yoshie Laboratory is very free, and each student can exercise their own characteristics and concentrate on their unique research. There are also no limitation on development tools and development languages used by students in the laboratory. In fact, some students build neural networks using C++, others study using by Python or Matlab.
Pattern recognition and machine learning are now used most frequently in laboratories as the most popular data analysis method, but some students use higher mathematics to obtain results by formula derivation. Students from all over the world are gathering at Yoshie Laboratory, everyone interacts with each other through their research, and competition with each other, to enhance every student’s knowledge.
Professor Yoshie who is responsible for the laboratory is a very kind professor. Apart from seminars, he is conscientiously talking with students on a one-on-one basis. At this time, the students ask the question and describe the problem they meet during the research, and the professor will give them adequate advice and remarks. Professor Yoshie sometimes encourages students to send advanced papers. These papers will be studied as well as a good hint for students who consider their research theme. Besides that, professor Yoshie often tells us the information of the conference information and encourages us.
In the laboratory, in addition to their own research, there are also exchange meetings and events held by students. For example, it is a barbecue party and a year-end party.
If you are interested in the Yoshie laboratory, please visit any time. I expect you will join us.

yoshie lab1 2017

Lab’s dinner party

yoshie lab2 2017

Unique lab members with Pepper

yoshie lab3 2017

Home party

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