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Inujima Lab

Tuning your ear to the “voice” of the data
Kei Nakajima, 1st degree, Master’s program

The Inujima Lab conducts research to “read” useful information from all manner of data, mainly using signal analysis technology. In Professor Inujima’s specialty field of equipment diagnostic technologies, it is possible to hear “voices” invisible to the eyes of equipment, such as discovering signs of failure early on by detecting vibrations in buildings and faint discharges from electrical equipment, then extracting and analyzing the feature value of data gained from detection. Technology that finds some special features or meanings from this kind of acquired data can be applied to every field. In particular, the use of big data including the Internet has thrived in recent years, so technology that extracts common features from enormous amounts of information to and methods of proving only useful information are growing more important. This laboratory conducts a wide range of research to “listen to the voice of data”, from developing methods for calculating the failure rate of equipment by detecting partial discharge occurring inside generators, to developing methods for supporting prediction of growth trends in related fields from appearance trends of keywords on the Internet.
Following the policies of Professor Inujima who has many years of experience in the private sector, Inujima Lab has thoroughly implemented practical habits such as thoroughly organizing the laboratory, and narrowing down which tasks should be done. The lab simultaneously promotes varied research activities, such as actively using one’s own time to reach achievable goals while respecting habits of duty. This environment demands fostering independence in researchers to achieve necessary results.
Inujima Lab reads the “voice” hidden in data. What kind of valuable information can be drawn from various types of data is up to the researcher. You may be the one to read a message that amazes the whole world from unassuming data, with an idea you had on a whim.


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