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Shinohara Lab

Shinohara Lab
LIU SHIYU and LIU KUNYANG, 2nd degree, Master’s program

Research area of Shinohara Lab includes dependable LSI, hardware security, neuro information processing, energy efficient circuits and systems. It requires the basic knowledge of digital/analog circuits, cryptography, and statistics. If you have these basic knowledge, you may easily catch up the research in our lab.
Currently, our lab aims at the hardware security, since security issue becomes more and more important in the age of IoT. More specifically, we are now focusing on the Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) and True Random Number Generator (TRNG). PUF is an entity that generate fingerprints of physical object based on their manufacturing variation, and TRNG is a device that generates random numbers from a physical process. These research is all related to the security system.
Anyone who join Shinohara Lab will be given a desktop and learn how to design & analysis digital and analog circuit by using HSPICE, Matlab or Excel. Every year, Shinohara Lab has two tape-out projects. This year, one project was in Jan. and another was in July. Everyone in our lab has two chance to experience the tape-out design. During the two weeks long design period, you may stay up late till mid-night, but it’s a very good chance to learn how to use the design tool (Virtuoso) to design a complicated layout of a chip as well as an unforgettable experience of your student life. Several months after the layout was delivered to the manufacturer, you will get the chip fabricated by manufacturer. So the next step is to measure the performance of your circuit and verify if your circuit can work well. In order to measure your circuit, you should make a measurement board and learn how to use the measurement equipment. As for my own experience, making the board and learn how to use the equipment needs lots patience. Moreover, many unexpected problems occurred during the measurement. But with the discussion and help of Prof. Shinohara, finally I overcame all the problem. When I saw my satisfied measurement result, I really felt delighted.
The time in the lab would not only contain research and study, but also relaxation. Besides the research, Shinohara Lab would organize many activities such as hiking and hanami. Last Nov. we hiked a small mount near Moji and shared beautiful landscape as well as seascape. Every time after we completed our tape-out design, we would also hold party to celebrate.
If you are interested in digital & analog circuit and want to lead a substantial student life but far from compact, please come and join us.



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