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Koyanagi Lab

Goal of next generation’s intelligent network
Hong Qingqing, 3rd degree, Master’s programe

Koyanagi’s Lab is mainly to research how to use more complicated and sophisticated network technology in the era that our lives can’t be separated from network. With the constant development and the new challenge of intelligent network technology, our research carry out with the center of the following generation of network technologies mainly focuses on distributed computing technology such as cloud computing, Peer-To-Peer network, Grid computing and so on. Meanwhile, we are going to build the intelligent network environment of more reliance, safety and better performance.

Koyanagi’s Lab will hold a seminar every Tuesday. Students will be gathered to the laboratory first, then go to seminar room together. The seminar room is equipped with many advanced presentation devices in order to make the students perform best practice of research and put forward their ideas and innovations more actively. In the mean time, the environment around is very quiet and safe, to ensure students and professor not be disturbed during communication. The seminar will be held in a relaxed and delightful atmosphere, students will exchange the academic references that they’ve watched, put forward their ideas and gradually enhance the understanding of new knowledge. Also, students will communicate with professor about their academic progress in the seminar, and acquire professor’s advice. Students can decide their pleased research topics by themselves based on their own pace and plan legitimately for the research.

Every year, Professor Koyanagi will teach “ Distributed System”, “ Object Oriented” and some specialized courses about intelligent network. At the beginning of each class, Professor Koyanagi will give a small test about the content of class last week. This can make students consolidate the study and also make professor understand the knowledge mastery of students. During the class, Professor Koyanagi will give a detailed instruction about the advanced research achievement and the newest technology of network. And Professor Koyanagi will always be happy to answer any varieties of questions asked by students. In addition, not only the lab members can attend these classes, all the students who are interested in these classes can also come to join Professor Koyanagi’s passion.

Apart from the research, Koyanagi’s Lab will held Welcome Party, Parent-teacher Association and Send-off Party every year in order to deepen the affection between students and professor. And professor will chat with students, sing songs together during the parties of which are all arranged by students themselves. For the students who are aspirant, and have desire to do research in the academic atmosphere brimming with the easiness and enjoyments, Koyanagi’s Lab is the most fabulous choice. If you are interested, we warmly welcome you here.

koyanabi lab 2016a

Group shot

koyanabi lab 2016b

Research meeting

koyanabi lab 2016c

Parent-teacher association

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