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“Tribology in my youth”, the final lecture by Prof. Susumu Matsumoto

Prof. Susumu Matsumoto in IPS facing to his retirement gave a final lecture as a professor in Waseda University on Friday 27th February 2015, that title is “Tribology in my youth”. Many people like alumni of his laboratory and persons involved came around to take the lecture. He talked about his background including his birth, juvenile and up to now. In addition, his talks covered his achievement while he was in the previous company, tribology that was his speciality in his career, and a good relationship with his older brother, Reiji Matsumoto, who is globally prestigious and well-known cartoon creater. They were the precious stories which you could never know if you missed this chance. Prof. S. Matsumoto is a very unique person, and has a sense of humor. That is why his characteristics has made stories more interesting and magnetic. Meanwhile, it was clearly understandable for those who did not cultivate any speciall knowledge in that kind of area.


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